Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will find the most frequent asked questions that our colleagues, friends and members have asked us lately. We hope you find it useful and we welcome suggestions to include new topics.

Si, cualquier persona puede acceder a la web de ASUTIL, sin embargo, hay información exclusiva a la cual sólo pueden acceder sus miembros.
You enter freely browsing its pages; the address is
The user and password are for ASUTIL members only, so that they can access specific and exclusive information for them. In order to create a user, you must first contact ASUTIL who will proceed to enable the user. Afterwards the members will be able to do it personally in Register. Member companies may have more than one user.
Se puede solicitar la membresía completando el formulario de afiliación online, y lo podrán hacer aquellas empresas operadores y/o proveedoras del rubro de tiendas libres.
The first step is to get advice on the subject, which can be done by consulting our website and / or calling our office. Then, the form must be completed online, and finally our Board of Directors evaluate the request, and in not more than 15 days period they will communicate its decision.
IADDFS and ASUTIL are independent associations that have decided to join forces to achieve a single annual event that provides the best of their respective events, thus optimizing the time, travel and budgets of its members and participants.
El SUMMIT de las AMÉRICAS, es el nuevo evento anual que busca reunir los mejores atractivos de la conferencia anual de ASUTIL y del show de la IAADFS. El mismo tendrá lugar, por última vez en el Orlando World Center Marriott, Florida. Será desde el 18 al 21 de marzo de 2018. Ambos equipos, tanto de ASUTIL como de IAADFS tendrán el gusto de colaborar conjuntamente para el éxito de esta nueva iniciativa. Más información puede encontrarse en Summit of the Américas.