Published 26/10/2018 - 17:37

Reaffirming its commitment to innovation so as to improve the experience offered to passengers, Carrasco Airport has extended the facial recognition system to boarding gates, which means there is no need for passengers to show their identity documents as they are identified by an image of their face.

This makes the terminal the first in Latin America where passenger flow management is fully performed through the use of facial biometrics technology, from the immigration checkpoint until boarding the plane.

The new technology was unveiled at an event that was attended by national and company authorities. Initially, the system will operate to enable passenger access to the LATAM Airlines flights, but will subsequently be extended to the rest of the airlines.

Such innovation will turn Carrasco terminal into the first Biometric Airport of Corporación América, the concessionary company that operates 53 air terminals around the world.

Having this technology available means taking a step forward in terms of safety and security and it enhances the user´s experience within the terminal, reducing waiting times and streamlining the identification processes required for each passenger.

“We want to transform Carrasco Airport into a beacon of innovation in Latin America. To do so we have signed agreements with leading technology providers, and that has only been possible thanks to the highly skilled labor Uruguay has to offer," said Diego Arrosa, CEO of Corporación América Uruguay.

The initiative is part of Easy Airport, the technological development project implemented by the airport together with the Ministry of National Defense through the National Civil Aviation and Aeronautical Infrastructure Administration (DINACIA) and the Ministry of the Interior through the National Immigration Administration, with the aim of achieving the terminal´s total automation.

Arrosa observed that "once the Easy Airport project is completed, Carrasco Airport will be positioned as one of the most advanced terminals in the region in terms of their use of self-service technology and biometrics for passenger flow management”.

Under this same initiative, between August 2016 and December 2017 automatic stands with biometric technology were installed for immigration controls in the Departures and Arrivals areas and, in addition, this past May automatic verification of boarding cards was put in place with the installation of five self-service kiosks. These innovations add up to deliver a service that is now available at the boarding gates.


Inauguration Ceremony

Facial recognition technology