Published 22/06/2018 - 12:40

Panama-based Top Brands International is undergoing a double name change – both on the
corporate side and for the stores it operates to give the company a new image and a new
look moving forward.

In the last two years, we have been growing rapidly. We are expanding so much that we
needed something to reflect that expansion and growth.

We dropped the international, so we look and sound more corporate. This also helps to
encompass all the different business units we have.

Now, we are much more of a corporation than a small operation in the region. And that is
the reason why, when looking at our future expansions we decided to go with a more
corporate name and identity.

LURYX is modern, elegant and luxury name for our Stores where we will transform the
consumer shopping experience. “They will be innovative and modern duty-free stores
where you will find a wide variety of products of prestigious and recognized brands.”

The development of the LURYX name is a result of the success that the company has been
having throughout the region in recent years.

Joanna Gutierrez
Marketing Manager
Top Brands International


Top Brands International

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